A Time for Giving Thanks


Thank you for coming to enjoy our 1st Annual Fall Festival.   We had an amazing time seeing all our neighbors.  We’d especially like to thank our sponsors, Ryder and Fixture because without them, it would not have been possible to organize such an amazing event.   We’d also like to thank the following for their support as well: Fairmount Neighborhood AssociationFairmount Community GardenCook Children’s, and Blue Zones Project Fort Worth.  Additionally, thank you to Melt and Arts 5th Avenue for donating to our raffle.

We are also extremely grateful for our City Councilwoman Ann Zedah as well as our former City Councilman Joel Burns for judging our Children’s Costume Contest.  We can all agree that they had an extremely difficult decision.

A special shout out goes to all of our volunteers who spent a lot of their time preparing, planning and helping out at the festival.

Celebrate Romance Month with Jane Austen


Well, not actually with her.  With her books!

We’re not sure why August is National Romance Month, but it is.  Instead of curling up with your significant other these August nights, curl up with a Jane Austen book!  With 100 degree weather here in Fairmount, who needs added body heat anyway?

Did you know that Bridget Jone’s Diaries is a modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice?  You loved Colin Firth as Mark Darcy so we know you’ll love the actual characters Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy were inspired by.

…..stay tuned for information regarding North Texas Giving Day!