Zines and Things

We are excited to celebrate Fort Worth Zine Fest! Buy and Swap Zines and Comics from local artists Sunday, October 18th, from 1-8pm!Fanzines

Featuring Zines & Things from:

Dreamy Life Records
Kaleidoscope Zine
Dying Photo Club
Deep Red
I am Flawed
TEJANA TONGUE PRESS (Tammy Melody Gomez)
Jessica Safely
Josh Onizuka
Chelsea Bonham
Smell My Hair
Soyla Santos
Ryan Sheffield
Amanda Whitlow
Jasmin Flores
Boss Witch
Alex Atchley
Meeting New People isn’t the Easiest Thing
Broken Fingers
Steve Steward
Rick V
Anna & Anya Boz Collab
Diary Drawings
Broken Fingers: Freestyle Skateboarding Quarterly
NTX BrewZine
Will Mecca
Kolin Jardine
Cemetery Sisters

Book-o-mat: an interactive booth where you tell a story and an artist illustrates it!
…and more

Featuring music from:

Christian Medrano


I am Clark Kent

Bitch Bricks


Keg Provided by FCL
Food Provided by Funky Town Food Truck

An After Party will be held at 1912 Hemphill.
Get a stamp at our event to get $2 off for that one!

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