Have you ever wanted to learn French?  

This is your chance because we have an amazing teacher who is eager to teach you French.


Stephanie Epstein is a native French speaker who was born and raised in France.  She’s a certified teacher who has taught children and adults.   She has taught at the Austin International School, The Khabele School in Austin, and the Chantilly Bilingual School.  For more information about Stephanie, please give her website some Fairmount love.  www.languageflows.com

Teens and Adults Beginner’s French Series

  • 6 week series
  • Thursdays 5:30 – 7:00 at the library
  • Starting April 9th
  • $15 per class ($90 for the entire series.)

Each will the class will cover topics such as: basic introductions, how to get around in an French speaking country, and how to hold simple conversations.

7-12 year old French Series

  • 6 week series
  • Tuesdays 5:00 – 6:30 at the library
  • Starting April 7th
  • $15 per class ($90 for the entire series)

Each week we will explore the French language with your kiddos!  Through creative, supportive and fun lesson designs, everyone will learn the basics of the French language.  Students will learn how to introduce themselves and others, how to hold a simple conversation, and basic vocabulary.  We’ll sing songs, role play, create art and play, all in French!

Sounds like a blast doesn’t it?   Hurry up while spaces are available!  Just go to our Square store to sign up for the class.  Click HERE!

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