Meet Valentin Sandoval


We are excited to welcome author Valentin Sandoval Friday, February 20th at 7pm!

Mr Sandoval will be sharing his book South Sun Rises. We will have coffee and light snacks available, and there will be a limited number of books available for purchase and signing. While all Meet the Author events are free, the library does welcome donations to keep this series running.

SOUTH SUN RISES is a poetic narrative of a pursuit of the American dream on one of the world’s most compelling and dangerous international borders, El Paso/Juarez. Leaving behind her life in Juarez, Sandoval’s mother finds herself isolated and alone in the gritty projects of El Paso. Most days, the hardship of working hard hours while being both the mother and father to four children, she’d find herself fending off the dangers of the projects, with it’s predators, drug dealers, and junkies. She was resilient enough to search for the best setting for her to raise her children. Through tremendous persistence and effort, she managed to become a US citizen in the midst of raising her children on her own.

Valentin Sandoval was born El Paso, Texas, and was the first of his family to be born a US citizen. Valentin works as a multimedia and film producer.

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